Supporting Your Journey of Awakening

Jeraldene Lovell-Cole  has been a counsellor, teacher and mentor for 35 years. She has studied with many accomplished teachers from all over the world.

With experience in numerous disciplines, Jeraldene has a multidimensional approach to helping you create the life your Soul wants to live. Her passions are Personal Alchemy, Transformation, Connection with Spirit, Soul Fulfillment and living a delightfully rich life!

There are many ways we can work together:

I Love My Life

If there was ever a time to galvanize your awakening, it is now.

For 2017 I have created an experiential journey to help you live the life and future you really want. To do this I am offering a concentrated series of six sessions.

These sessions are a deep dive into your own Soul.

The initial session is an exploration of your Soul’s purpose at this time in your life; looking at where you are right now and where you want to be.

We will connect with your best Future Self, who will be your guide.

The subsequent sessions will help you navigate, take authentic action and create the steps that will connect you to your desired future.

Personal Tracking and Support

These follow up sessions are essential. Often, in a single session, you will see a flash of where you want to be. Over time the habits and patterns of daily life creep back in, causing a loss of energy, lack of focus, until being sidetracked by old default settings. Too soon your dream is lost. During the six sessions, I will provide tracking and support, helping you stay focused and galvanize your energy for real change. Over time a new structure will be created to support self-transformation and expanded consciousness, allowing you to connect to your best future now.


Wouldn’t it be great if…
… You could say out loud, “I LOVE MY LIFE” and really mean it.

Transforming your life while holding hands with your Soul and being guided by your best Future Self is what it’s all about. If this speaks to you, let’s get to work.

Jeraldene Lovell-Cole,

Cost for the deep dive journey is $1000 US
To book or ask any questions email: Contact Us

Individual Sessions

All sessions focus on your connection to your Soul and Best Future Self.
I will be using my experience and skill in reading your energy on many levels.
Individual sessions last at least 1 hour and the fee is $200.
They can be recorded on request.

One time individual sessions are a good way for new clients to experience how I work, before embarking on a 6-session journey. Individual Sessions are supportive for existing clients who want to refresh their inner guidance between 6-session journeys.

Some people have asked what the difference between individual sessions and the 6-session package. The difference is that the six sessions are one integrated deep dive and are ‘joined together’, and take place over a short time period, usually weekly or every two weeks. Also, I will track you and your journey right through the 6-session time period. This is where I can work on the inner planes with dream work, Soul Friends and Devas, Alchemy and Soul Communication.

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